Hello and welcome to my world, the place where I do what I love and love what I do!


   Who am I?

   My name is Sanziana Toma and I am textile designer and illustrator from Bucharest, Romania.

  Before becoming textile designer I was graphic designer, but my passion for art in general and my artistic sense developed from very young, when I studied music for several years in an old charming building with a romantic air (that's why I love the smell of yellowy paper and home interiors with personality, not to mention that music is one of my best friends).


   What I do?

   My work define itself by fluidity, vibrant colors, sensitivity, but at the same time by naturalness and strength, the energy and care for details mixing together.

   Through my creations I wish to remain faithful to my artistic style and my permanent need for beauty.

   I'm for diversity: nature, geometric, ethnic motifs interest me (and the list goes on).

  I express a whole serie of personal feelings and moods in an original, quality oriented, professional approach.


   What techniques do I use?

   I love  experimenting a great variety of art mediums.

  Sometimes I hand-paint my designs and then work with them in Photoshop. That if I don't make watercolors with translucent touch combined with intense overtones. Sometimes I'm in the mood for some vector designs to make smooth, clean, artistic patterns.

   Pencils, ink, acrylic are familiar too. 



   As for my handmade textiles I work with brushes, wooden sticks, plants and all sort of objects good for painting, handmade linocut stamps and special paints. Not to mention my vertical woven loom and mix of old & new yarn and t-shirts materials. 

   I like to find new ways of artistic expression and I want to discover myself more and more through each piece I create.  


   What inspires me? 

   All the complexity and miracle of nature, with her glorious diversity: from flowers to birds and insects, from leaves to vegetables and fruits.

   I also love traveling and that unmistakable and extraordinary sense of liberty that completes me gives me the power, energy, impacient joy to create.

   And above all, there's nothing here that you can do without love and dedication. It all starts and ends with love - love for artistic creation, for people, nature and life.


   Why I do what I do?

   Because I know I can decorate people's life with my creations.

  I believe in what I do and I think that my work can represent an aesthetic retreat from day to day hustle and bustle.


   Where to?

  The fact that my work can be used in fashion and home&deco industries means a great concretization of my creative process and artistic expression.


   Any collaboration, project or artistic ideea where I can involve my creativity are gladly welcomed.

   So....don't hezitate to contact me!

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